The All New Mini-Eco 16.7" of pure crazy fun!

Velocity Mono

All fiberglass gelcoat hull, NO PLASTIC TOY JUNK! No paint to scratch or chip!

As a new class in Naviga, Mini ECO is now getting popular in many countries. The Mini ECO is 427 mm in length, 170mm in width, including TS-N1025 brushless motor, NEW 40A Tenshock ESC, servo, all the hardware and stainless steel prop. Almost ready run! Just put in your battery and radio and you can drive your own professional racing boat! The Mini ECO is fast in straight line and turns on a dime. Although it is a racing boat, it is still popular for hobby fans.

Just like our Micro Hydros, it is easy to control and convenient to carry in your car. See a lake? Throw it in! No need for a retrieve boat because the Mini ECO is self righting!


  • Length Overall: 427mm
  • Beam: 170mm
  • Hull - Epoxy resin/Fiberglass Hull
  • Power - Water cooled 4 pole 3200 KV Brushless motor
  • ESC - Water cooled 40A (program card is no longer available)
  • Prop - 2 Blade Steel
  • REQUIRED: 2S or 3S Lipo Battery and 2 Ch Radio

Self righting, no retrieve boat needed!

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White Mini Eco In White Out of Stock

Red Mini Eco In Red     Out of stock

Yellow Mini Eco In Yellow Out of Stock


In Carbon Fiber No longer available

Watch this Video on 2S. It screams! With a 3S it is insane!


Mini EcoMini Eco Mini Eco Mini Eco


Mini-ECO parts are in stock but not on the website. Email us for availability and price. Thanks.

Please note that the colors that display on your computer monitor may not EXACTLY match the actual boat color