NEW Generation II Almost Ready to Run Fast Micro Hydro!

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Incredible SPEED and incredible Handling!

The Mini Cat Micro Hydro is a top quality fiberglass racing boat made completely with the best of American epoxy resins and materials. The polished gelcoat finish ensures lasting color without the need to paint the hull. The brushless motor and electronic speed control are chemically treated at the factory to make them resistant to moisture. Small amounts of water in the boat is not an issue.

The Micro Hydro comes built and ready-to-run. Just add battery and your receiver. It features a precision brushless water cooled motor with an innovative water jacket rather than the usual silicone sleeve or wrapped aluminum tubing. Fittings include ball socket attachments at the steering servo and rudder. The antenna mount is already installed and the antenna furnished. This is another example of the extra attention to quality not normally found in ready-to-run models.

The water cooled electronic speed control (ESC) is pre-progammed for ease of use. The ESC is perfectly matched with the powerful 4 pole brushless inrunner motor. Recommended batteries are: 8 cell 2/3A 1200-1500mAh NiMh in stick or hump style or 3S 11.v 1500-2200mAh Lipo battery. You should use a 25-30C discharge pack.

The unique hull design and offset driveshaft make the boat track like it is on rails without any tendency to flip. The boat is easy for a novice to run while being challenging enough for the most seasoned pro.


  • Length Overall: 380mm)
  • Beam: 200mm
  • Hull - Hand laid fiberglass hull and hatch.
  • Power - Water cooled, 20mm x 40mm, 4 pole, 3200KV 64g
  • ESC - Water cooled 40a continuous, 50A (10 seconds), 6-12 NiMh, 2-3 Lipo, 2A-6V BEC. 27g
  • Servo - High Performance
  • Our famous CNC machined hardware.
  • Drive System - Flex shaft, 4mm threaded prop shaft
  • Propeller - Plastic 30mm x 36mm, 4 different diameters available
  • REQUIRED: 3S 11.1V Lipo Battery and 2 Ch Radio

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Micro Hydro Micro Hydro Micro Hydro Micro Hydro


Please note that the colors that display on your computer monitor may not EXACTLY match the actual boat color